Payday loan for people who receive 500+

Financial support under the Family 500+ program receives about 3.78 million children in Poland. Thanks to him, the financial situation of many families improved.

A monthly financial injection in the form of 500, 1000, 1500 zlotys and larger sums is really a big support. Thanks to it, many families in Poland have begun to save, invest in the future of children, leave for holidays or carry out repairs that have been postponed for a long time.

In connection with the introduction of the Family 500+ program, there were also voices that thanks to it, Poles will start borrowing short-term non-bank payday loans less frequently, including payday loans .

Indeed, the industry has noticed a few percent decreases. Now, installment payday loans for higher amounts and longer deadlines are becoming increasingly popular .

Money from the 500+ program does not mean a higher payday loan .

Currently, many banks, as well as non-bank institutions in the calculation of creditworthiness, do not take into account the benefits received from the 500+ program. Beneficiaries of 500+ can not count on a larger limit when taking cash payday loans.

Revenues from the “500+” program, as well as from maintenance, are not subject to bailiff’s collections in the case of debt recovery, nor do they affect the borrower’s borrowing capacity.

Of course, the question here remains whether the repayment of payday loan installments is one of the needs related to raising a child. Nevertheless, in many cases, making such a commitment may also support the needs of younger family members, for example in the case of renovation, holiday trip, purchase of a computer or electronics, household appliances.

However, the program does not assume that all family expenses are strictly controlled, so that the funds from it can be used to repay financial liabilities.

Where for a payday loan?

We can go to the bank for money, but the payday loan can also be granted by non-bank institutions. We can therefore choose an offer that suits us best in terms of costs, conditions and comfort.

The big advantage of non-bank payday loans that determines their popularity is convenience. It is the opportunity to receive money without leaving your home, without providing documents and in the short term. All you have to do is fill in and submit a payday loan application – it will be immediately analyzed, and in the case of a positive decision, the money will be transferred even to the bank account on the same day.

in Bank, the person applying for a payday loan should have documented fixed income in Poland, for example under a contract of employment, pension or pension, and not be registered in the BIG debt register (InfoMonitor, ERIF). We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Bank offer and we encourage you to submit a payday loan application completely online.