The purchase of credit to finance the studies of his children

To cope with the new expenses engendered by the studies of your children, the cash integrated into a credit redemption is a suitable solution. Here are some tips to help you make this project a reality.

To finance the studies of his children:

Your child begins to want to stand on his own by venturing into long university studies. He dreams of working in teaching, law, medicine, social, politics or in other areas as vast and interesting. The future of his offspring is sometimes a source of worry and stress. You want to give him the studies he dreams of and give him freedom of choice, but how?

How to do it ?

Many parents want to do everything for the success of their offspring, but they do not always know how to do it. Each sector has specific characteristics depending on the job your child wants to do. To take stock of your child’s project, his desires and needs, will be the starting point.

Taking stock of your child’s aspirations: which orientation for my child’s studies?

Taking stock of your child

Depending on the type of study your child wants to do, the financial need will vary. It is therefore necessary to identify his desires as soon as possible. Various questions to ask are essential. Which job does he wish to pursue? What areas interest him?

Depending on the chosen field, you will be able to target the type of institution to carry out your studies and then take stock of the budget that this choice will imply. If your child does not really know which way to go, he or she can get information from an information and guidance center (CIO) to get information and to target the corresponding areas. He will also find interesting information and tests on several websites and magazines (The Student, Onisep) that can help him find his way. The course taken before the IBC can also determine the type of higher education your child will go to.

I request a credit redemption be recalled

To inquire: which establishment to choose for the studies of my child?

To inquire: which establishment to choose for the studies of my child?

A graduate project is a plan that pays off in the long run.

The choice of the establishment:

Once the sector is chosen, there remains the choice of the institution offering the type of education sought. High school, university, preparatory class, private school, high school, in France or abroad? Several factors must be taken into account for the choice of the institution: geographical situation, specificities of subjects, opinions of professionals in the field, success rate, integration into the professional environment, diploma certified by the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) and price of all studies.

As for the choice of the sector, you will find a lot of information thanks to the CIO professionals, in the specialized magazines and on the internet. Exchanging with people who have done their studies in the sector that your child has chosen is also interesting because they practiced the actual teaching and can give you a factual opinion. Registration fees vary according to the type of school, the family, professional and geographical situation of the students and their families.

Admission to the university does not cost the same as a preparatory class in the private or a large school. Indeed, higher education offered in public high schools (eg BTS) are open for free while to study at the French university (DUT, License, Master) it will take between 200 and 500 € depending on the sector. Important differences also exist for preparatory classes: about 200 € for public high school education, it will cost not less than 2000 € for the private high school and 8500 € for other institutions.

The price of business schools, meanwhile, vary from 5000 to 10 000 € the year. To this, do not forget to add the price of the competitions (from 500 to 700 €). Regarding engineering schools, the difference private / public remains significant: 600 € to the university against 6500 € in some private schools. For so-called “very high level” courses, which are usually called Grandes Ecoles (ENA, ENS, Polytechnique, etc.), they are accessible by competition and the price is very variable. It is also possible to study abroad, via Erasmus for example, to name only the most famous programs.

A tip : opt for a diploma recognized and certified by the state. This will allow you to work more easily abroad and in some companies in France.

The geographic location :

To concretize your project of studies, your child will perhaps be forced to live in a region different from the one where you live. This will involve finding housing for him and contributing to the financing of his needs (food, transport, mutual insurance, outings, etc.). A move generates a number of costs, so it will be necessary to obtain cash in its loan redemption request. For some students, it is possible to combine student job and university career but juggling between the two is often not easy. To offer studies to his children, as did Mathieu and his wife, is also to spare them this difficult constraint of studying while working.

Specify your budget: what budget do I need to finance my child’s education?


After gathering the necessary information to choose the sector and the place of teaching, you will be able to make a budgetary point. In your financing plan, consider detailing all the overall expenses: registration fees and mutual and for children who will study in another city, all the costs related to this change. When we know that after Bac + 2, one in two students must leave the parental home, it is not surprising if the sector that your child chooses to move him. Remember to include in your budget the costs of moving (leasing of trucks), moving in (purchase of furniture), housing, school fees (study equipment), transportation, leisure and contingencies (health, breakdown, etc.).

Aids and rights of care:

Do not forget to take into account in your provisional budget the aid to which you are entitled to contribute to the financing of the studies because they will be able to relieve you of a part of the expenses. Various types of aid can be envisaged: scholarship, allowances, Crous helpers, foundations, sponsorship. Some are calculated according to social criteria (income, number of dependent children, distance between place of residence and place of study), others are attributed in relation to the results obtained, in order to support the best students. For those who want to study abroad, there is an international mobility aid.

Your budget being detailed, you now know how much money you need to ask for in your loan consolidation process to give your child the opportunity to study. The more precise your need for cash, the more arguments you have to justify and defend your project when you apply for loan consolidation, so do not hesitate to gather as much information as possible.

Financing the studies of your child: how to finance my child’s studies?


In order to provide for the new expenses engendered by the studies of his children, the treasury integrated into a repurchase of credit constitutes a suitable solution. Do you know which studies your child is going to go to soon and have a vision of the budget you need to help him? You can therefore contact us on +33 (0) 3 22 66 56 56 to apply for a credit redemption with additional cash. First, take the time to fill out our online simulation form and include the amount you need to finance your child’s education.