Become a homeowner for the first time

The acquisition of a property generating significant costs, it is interesting, when you already have several credits, to set up a group of loans incorporating cash to finance all or part of the property.

Become a homeowner for the first time:

Whether because you feel a need to transmit to your children or loved ones, to want to engage with your spouse, to enjoy your retirement by no longer paying rent or to feel really at home, become first-time buyer is a project that is built in time.

The acquisition of real estate generating multiple fees, it is interesting, when you already have several credits, to set up a loan consolidation incorporating cash to finance all or part of the property. Becoming owner of your main home is not easy. You do not always know where to start, how to find the apartment or the house of your dreams.

How to proceed ?

Buying a property, especially when it is first, is not easy because it implies a long-term commitment in the future (loan on 10.15, 20 years or more). When you have several credits in progress, loan consolidation can be a suitable solution to become a first-time homebuyer. But before launching my approach of buying credits with cash, how to proceed to acquire a property?

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Take stock of your desires and needs: what type of housing would suit me?

Take stock of your desires and needs: what type of housing would suit me?

It is necessary first to list its criteria to target a type of housing. House or apartment – garden, balcony, terrace or without external part – new, old – with or without work to do – countryside or city – neighborhood – amenities (public transport, shops, schools) – number of rooms – brightness, exposure, view – price – lift – floor – garage or parking place – etc. Ask yourself questions about these different elements in order to target the habitat you need. Once you have an update on what you want, you will have to start learning.

Inquire: how to find the accommodation that suits me?

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You know what kind of accommodation you want to buy, you must now find out. Several sources can help you: consumer advice websites, studies, agencies, newspapers, journals specializing in real estate, brokers, notaries, word of mouth. All these sources are good ways to obtain interesting information to guide you in your choices. Many tips come up frequently when you’re researching home ownership.

Here are a few :

Individuals and professionals agree that, given the commitment and the amount that this type of purchase represents, it is always better to take the time to look at the ads, to compare, to visit without hurry.

To make his visits:

The timing of the visits is very important to check certain points concerning the accommodation. It is strongly recommended to visit the house at the end of the day in order to capture the atmosphere and the outside noises, the street and the neighborhood. You will quickly see if it is well isolated and if the neighborhood is calm. In addition, the ideal is to make a visit when it is day to see if the house is bright. Brightness is a key element to feel good at home.

In addition, it is possible to visit a home in the presence of a professional. As an expert, he will be able to analyze the thermal balance and verify that there are no hidden defects (lack of insulation, construction, etc.). At the same time, when visiting a home, asking neighborhood neighborhood information can be very helpful.

Agencies or individuals: who to buy?

Many people wonder if it is better to go through an agency, a real estate broker or directly from the individual to acquire his property. All options are possible. You should know that using a real estate agency or a broker is not an obligation, and that these intermediaries ask for fees. However, if you come into contact with a good agency, you can find useful tips. Some agencies charge high fees that ultimately drive up the price of real estate while some individuals overestimate the value of their homes relative to the market price.

The choice of the notary:

To become an owner, the law requires a notary to advise the buyer, to formalize and secure the sale. The choice of the notary is therefore important. Very often, for a real estate purchase, it is the notary of the seller who is present. Yet it is quite possible to choose your own notary, which is commonly recommended. To find it, several means exist: browse the directory of notaries, move to the chamber of notaries of his department, browse the internet or by recommendation. Applying to a notary working in the same geographical area and specializing in real estate has the advantages of having its network, to know the specificities of the region and the steps to take for this type of operation.

Define your need for cash: how much do I need to buy my first property?


After selecting multiple ads, it will be time to take stock of the overall budget you will need to purchase the type of property you are looking for. In order to have a detailed evaluation, it will be necessary to take into account the value of the real estate, the estimation of the works, the expenses of agency (or broker), of notary, the expenses of co-ownership as well as the expenses of moving. Providing the various taxes and housing will also allow you to specify your future expenses.

From the overall cost obtained, you will be able to calculate the amount of cash you will need to purchase the property. The cash requested when you redeem credits can be used both to buy your entire home to pay the notary fees or to make an additional contribution.


When you take stock of the financing plan for your real estate acquisition, make sure to find out about the different types of help available for buying a first home. Do not hesitate to refine your financial estimate so that your cash flow request integrated into your credit pool has even more weight.

Realize your project: how to become an owner?

Realize your project: how to become an owner?

You want to buy a house, a new property, your financial balance is precise, so you know how much you need to realize your project. You can now apply for cash pooling. To do this, you need to complete our credit redemption request form below, including the amount of cash you want to buy your first home. You can consult the example of Marie Denise, who became the first owner of her house thanks to the cash flow included in her loan restructuring.

Feel free to apply online for an overview of possible solutions, or to contact us directly if you wish to receive information. Our advisors are at your disposal on 03 22 66 56 56. The simulation and the study of your file are completely free and without commitment.

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