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Online loans are currently very popular. Thanks to them, we are able to raise money without leaving your home – everything can be done online, or online. But where can we get the loan the easiest way? Is it better to use a banking offer or a non-bank offer? What conditions must be met then? We invite you to check!

The Internet now plays a big role in the lives of practically every one of us – thanks to it, we are not only able to quickly search for various information, communicate with other people, but also conduct various transactions, such as shopping or using a bank.

We can also borrow cash via the Internet – it was once possible only in the lenders’ branches, to which one had to go in person. Now, however, we also have the opportunity to take advantage of online loan offers that greatly facilitate access to money when they are most needed. The payment can be made immediately!

However, cash loans over the internet still raise a lot of questions and doubts, in particular regarding the process of examining the application and granting the loan, as well as the security related to borrowing money online. For those who are interested in online loans, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that deals with them in detail.

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Today, cash payday loans online can be borrowed from us. These loans are therefore easily available to anyone who would like to receive financial support without leaving home.

Both banks and loan companies have their specific requirements for clients applying for online loans. It is, therefore, worth knowing the main differences between these two lenders.

Internet loan – what is it?

Internet loan - what is it?

Let’s start with the basics, namely what the Internet loan really is. As it is not difficult to guess, this loan is granted online, ie via the internet, but what loan do we receive then and what exactly does this type of procedure consist of?

An installment loan and a payday loan online

Internet loans are primarily cash loans, which we can use for any purpose as opposed to loans – they can be purchases, trips, repairs, repayment of debts.

A cash loan will work best when we want to obtain additional financing due to the lack of cash because we can get it also quickly and on convenient terms. That is why many cash loans are also referred to as loans for evidence.

We will take out loans of this kind online in two variants:

– weekend payday loans

– installment loans

The payday loans and installment loans differ in the amount that can be obtained, the repayment period, and the number of debt payments. Below we present detailed information about loans of this type.

A payday loan

Such loans are granted only by non-bank loan companies that have been operating on the Polish market for many years – both stationary and online.

Tempos, or instant loans, are the best choice when you need small amounts with the option of instant repayment. They work best when we simply lack money in the home budget and want to quickly patch this hole.

On-line instantisers allow you to borrow a maximum sum of up to about PLN 4,000, but it is worth pointing out that each loan company has different limits in this respect, for example, PLN 1,500 or PLN 3,000. Usually, as a new customer of a loan company, we can not count on the full amount, for example, to start with, we can get half of it. Then, after paying off the debt and taking out a new one, we get a higher limit.

Also, a characteristic feature of payday loans is the short repayment period, which is usually 15-30 days. Some loan companies also offer payday loans for 60 days, but it’s a rarity. Sometimes, you can also extend the repayment period for a fee. Therefore, the payday is paid in the form of one installment.

Although payday loans are granted on favorable terms, often only as proof, they are loans with a relatively high risk. It results from a short repayment period, therefore people who do not have high incomes or do not have regular income may face delayed repayment, which can also be very costly.

A moment in short:

– Moment – minimum and maximum amount: from PLN 100 to about PLN 4,000

– Momentary – repayment period: 15-30 days, rarely option to extend to 60 days

– Moment – number of installments: the payment is usually in one installment

– Moment – risk: high due to the short repayment period

Installment loan

The second type of internet loans is installment loans, which are offered both at banks and non-bank lending companies. We pay these loans in installments corresponding to the repayment period, which is why we can spread it into more installments, and thus the number of individual installments will be convenient for the household budget.

In the case of installment loans, you can also get quite large sums for withdrawal. In non-bank loan companies, it is usually around PLN 10,000, as in Moren, but in banks, these amounts can reach up to several dozen thousand or several hundred thousand zlotys depending on the client’s creditworthiness.

The installment loans are usually offered for a period of several months to several years. In banks, it is up to a maximum of 10 years, in non-bank lending companies for up to 2 years. The repayment period depends on the offer. As the installments are usually paid one in a month, during the year there are 12 installments, which can be settled more easily than in the case of payday loans.

Due to the possibility of repaying debt in installments, installment loans are also safer than payday loans. The borrower does not have to pay a large amount at once, so it reduces the risk of delay in repayment.

It is worth noting that the longer the repayment period, the lower the installments, but we must remember that it will also translate into higher loan costs. When we shorten the repayment period, the installments will be higher, but we will give back to the lender less due to lower fees. With a short repayment period, however, we must have a good credit rating, because otherwise our application may be rejected.

An installment loan at a glance:

– Installment loan – minimum and maximum amount: from PLN 100 to over PLN 10,000

– Installment loan – repayment period: from several months to several years, usually 1-5 years

– Installment loan – number of installments: corresponding to the number of months of the repayment period

– Installment loan – risk: low due to the extended repayment period

Therefore, we can borrow online loans both as payday loans and as installment loans. Each of them has its pros and cons. It is worth remembering, however, that a safer choice will always be an installment loan, thanks to which you can easily repay your debt in installments.

Internet loan at the bank

Internet loan at the bank

Bank internet loans arouse many questions among regular bank clients, but they can also be used by people who are not clients of a given bank. Therefore, theoretically, this offer is available to anyone interested. In practice, a number of requirements have to be met and the online loan does not always turn out to be fully implemented via the Internet.

We can get a loan both online on a computer as well as on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

A loan for a regular customer

On-line cash loans at banks are, however, the easiest to obtain if we are a regular customer of a given bank. Under the term “regular customer”, banks most often understand such a customer who has an open bank account for a minimum of 3-6 months and the account is regularly received by funds.

Then, on the basis of receipts and expenses from the bank account, the bank is able to determine the creditworthiness of the client, i.e. its ability to repay a loan. Then the client does not have to provide other documents, for example, a certificate from the employer about the received remuneration.

On-line loans as a regular customer can be obtained after writing the application on the transaction website – simply log in to your account and then select the right offer. The application is already partially unsubscribed, so we do not have to provide much data in it. This additionally speeds up the decision.

The waiting time for a decision is usually a few minutes, so after that time, the loan may be on the client’s account.

The repayment is generally automatic in the form of an account lockout on a given repayment day. You do not need to remember to transfer money to the bank, which is an additional convenience.

A loan for a new client

A loan for a new client

You can also apply for online bank loans to those who are not customers of the bank that offers them. But then the procedure looks a bit different.

We can also unsubscribe for an online loan. To do this, go to the website of the selected bank, and then write the electronic application. We need to prepare an ID card and information about the income received, for example, the employer’s data.

To confirm your identity, the customer often needs to make a verification transfer from his online bank account. In order to calculate your creditworthiness, you may also need to provide an account statement or account history.

When everything goes well, the loan runs even on the same day, but the procedures take longer then than for online loans for regular customers.

However, it happens that the bank will have reservations or because of the procedures will require a personal appearance in one of its branches. Thus, online loan does not always turn out to be fully online.

Internet loan in a non-banking loan company

Internet loan in a non-banking loan company

In addition to online loans at banks, you can also use offers in non-bank loan companies. In this case, the procedures are similar but differ in details.

Internet loans, both payday loans, and installment loans can be obtained on convenient terms, even within one day. It is worth pointing out, however, that we must then meet certain requirements so that the loan can actually be granted.

Non-bank loans via the Internet are available to practically anyone who has access to the Internet. We can now get acquainted with numerous offers on the web, and then immediately apply without leaving your home.

In general, the payment of the loan takes place on the same day, but in some situations, it may be prolonged, for example, if:

– we make mistakes in the loan application

– verification by transfer will take longer

– the loan application will be submitted outside the business hours of the loan company

A non-banking loan can be obtained both by a computer as well as on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It is worth pointing out, however, that not every non-bank company has its own loan application. However, it is available at Moren and is the most convenient way to obtain online financing.

What conditions must be met to receive an online loan?

Both banks and non-bank loan companies have specific requirements that must be met in order to receive an online loan. They differ mainly depending on the offer, the amount requested and the repayment period.

The main conditions for obtaining a loan via the Internet:

– Internet access – on a computer or a mobile device

– possession of a valid ID card

– permanent address of residence on the territory of Poland

– proper age depending on the requirements of the lender

– adequate creditworthiness

– positive credit history

In the case of online loans, creditworthiness and credit history are of particular importance. It is worth pointing out, however, that it is not always necessary to present evidence of income earned, which significantly facilitates obtaining a loan and accelerates the time of its payment.

Banks and non-bank loan companies are based mainly on data concerning the credit history of the client, including data in the BIK database – Credit Information Bureau, as well as BIG databases – Economic Information Bureaus, such as:

– KRD – the National Debt Register BIG

– BIG InfoMonitor


The BIK database contains information on the client’s credit and loans history, including debits and credit cards. When we have paid these liabilities in a timely manner in the past, we are perceived as a reliable customer and we can get financing more easily. When there are delays, then we can, in turn, be refused.

In turn, BIG databases contain information of other types, for example regarding unpaid utility bills, subscriptions, alimony, tickets, invoices, rent. When the creditor has introduced the debtor to such a base, he may also have difficulty in obtaining the loan.

How to get an online loan?

So what is the procedure for applying for an internet loan? Let us focus here on non-banking offers because the information on the online banking loan has already been presented.

The entire loan procedure is then divided into several short stages:

– selection of the loan amount and its repayment period

– completing the online loan application

– verification of identity

– wait for a loan decision

– checking the terms of the contract and schedule

– confirmation of the loan agreement

Below we present exactly what the above stages of applying for a non-banking internet loan involve.

Choosing the loan amount and its repayment period

The first step in obtaining a non-bank online loan is to choose the amount and repayment period we are interested in. In this way, calculators are available on the websites of loan companies in which we choose these parameters. We can also find out immediately how much we will have to give back.

When we choose the loan amount that is of interest to us and the period of its repayment, we can proceed to the next stage, that is, to complete the loan application.

Filling out an online loan application

Filling out an online loan application

It is very easy to sign a loan application online and only take a few minutes.

In the application, we provide the required information, including your personal details, address details, personal ID data such as your PESEL number, number, and series of evidence. We also enter other data, for example, the source of earnings and their amount, the load achieved, information about the family situation, your age, education. All this data is needed by the loan company to calculate the creditworthiness.

In the application, we also indicate the bank account number to which the loan amount is to be transferred, unless the lender also gives other options for its receipt, for example by a GIRO check at the post office.

Making identity verification

An important step when applying for an online loan is also to verify your identity. For this purpose, we usually make a special verification transfer via the Internet.

This transfer is carried out from your bank account – it can not be another person’s account, because we need our data as the sender of the transfer for verification. The transfer usually amounts to 1 PLN or 1 PLN, which are transferred to the designated bank account of the lender.

Attention! It’s best to make a transfer using the quick payment system. Then it will be posted immediately, which will speed up the decision.

Waiting for a loan decision

Once we’ve listed the loan application, it’s worth re-reading it to overcome any errors, for example, typos.

Then we approve the application and it goes to the loan company for consideration. Companies have an automated process of processing applications, which translates into the speed of obtaining a decision. If we meet the requirements, we can have a positive decision after just a few minutes – it is usually passed to the given mobile phone number or e-mail address.

Checking the terms of the contract and schedule

If the decision is positive, we can check the terms of the contract and the repayment schedule in the documents received online. You should always read carefully the records that we agree to. In this way, we can avoid serious problems related to the loan.

Confirmation of the loan agreement

When everything is correct, we confirm that you want to get a loan. It happens that the loan also requires signing, which is usually done by the courier who delivers the contract to the customer.

This is followed by the payment of the loan to the bank account indicated by the client or in another way chosen by him. Most often, the withdrawal time is from a few minutes to an hour, but it can also extend to one business day when the transfer is then made as interbank.


Therefore, getting an online loan is really no problem. Now we can get it online, at banks, as well as in non-bank loan companies. The choice of offers is very wide, so we can tailor them individually to our needs and expectations – without having to leave the house because all the formalities can then be settled via the Internet.

However, we must be aware that online loans also require a number of conditions to be met. Although we generally do not have to provide any documents then, the lender will still check us for credibility and creditworthiness. If we do not have them, we can meet with a refusal.

To take advantage of the online loan offer you are invited by Moren – you can submit your application completely online, also via the special Moren application, which makes receiving a convenient installment loan even easier!